This is the Fun Part!
Pick a cake flavour then add a preserve or flavoured frosting or ask us to help you choose a combo.

Pistachio and Spice
Hand ground pistachio meal with aromatic spices and vanilla buttercream
Crème Brulee
Buttery crème brulee sponge layered with burnt butterscotch and custard infused buttercream
Chocolate Mud
Rich chocolate mud cake with choclate buttercream
White Mud
Rich white chocolate mud with vanilla buttercream
Red Velvet
Rich dark red velvet mud, sour cherry undertones and vanilla buttercream
Vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream
Rich caramel mud
Hazelnut sponge layered with Frangelico, choc ganache & choc buttercream
Pina Colada
Pineapple, coconut, passionfruit, lime & rum infused white mud with vanilla buttercream
Cookies 'n' Creme
Cream infused vanilla cake embedded with crushed oreo cookies
Passion fruit infused cake with a hint of lemon zest with lemon and passionfruit curds
Champagne Strawberry
Strawberry sponge layered with champagne infused strawberry curd and vanilla buttercream
Lemon Elderflower
Zesty lemon cake layered with elderflower syrup, lemon curd and vanilla buttercream
White Chocolate Raspberry
Rich white chocolate mud layered with raspberry curd, white ganache and vanilla buttercream
If Unicorns pooped cake
Banana and caramel sponge layered with caramel, banana crumble and vanilla buttercream
Dark Chocolate and Raspberry
Rich Dark chocolate mud layered with raspberry curd, choc ganache & vanilla buttercream
Apple Crumble
Real apple reduced with spices