Unicorns are here to stay
May 17, 2017
unicorn poster
Ever since I could remember there was only ever one thing I wanted…. Ok maybe 2 or 3 or 7 things, but growing up in the country, I was constantly asking my dad if I could have a pony.

Ignorant to the knowledge of the work involved to keep said pony or cost, I was convinced that I was going to ride it everywhere! It would sleep in bed with me and share my coco pops.
Longs story short, I didn’t get a pony. We did get a dog though and he was less than impressed when I tried to ride him to school.

This may be one of the reasons why my love of equines grew and manifested into an obsession of unicorns. But really, who are we kidding? Who doesn’t love unicorns?! There is just something about this magical creature that heals all and can poop rainbows.
Unicorns are the joker cards of life, it beats rock, paper, scissors, spock every day of the week. It can make everything taste like bacon and covers everything in Glitter! Need I say more?!?

The unicorn food phenomenon (say that twice as fast and you’ll start singing the banana boat song) has been taken the world and Instagram by storm! Unicorn cakes, cupcake, macaroons and everything else in-between. It’s safe to say that unicorns will always win over our hearts and imaginations.
In my books, unicorn food is here to stay.