Wedding Survival Guide Post COVID-19
May 20, 2020
covid wedding blog
Most of us were looking forward to ringing in the New Year and genuinely enjoying the year we would get married. And then COVID-19 decided to make itself known around the globe and put life as we kne...

Questions to ask your cake maker
May 11, 2018
qs to ask your cake maker
Have you ever been out to dinner or at a nice wine bar and been offered the menu with no idea where to start? A long time ago when I was first being wooed by my now to be partner in crime, (thankfu...

The Break up
April 27, 2018
the break up
No, hubby and I are still lovingly yelling “what? I can’t hear you!” from different rooms in the house. I’m talking about my sordid love affair with cake. Now, I love life and with that comes the ...

Cake on a budget
April 17, 2018
cake budget
It’s a week from payday, your bank account is looking sadder than the Grinch at Christmas time. Even the moths in your wallet are on strike! And you need to produce a birthday cake for little miss’s 7...

Upcoming Cake Trends 2018
October 9, 2017
2018 cake trend
Long gone are the days where the wedding cake was just a piece of fruit cake that you used to keep for a year under your pillow. Cake has come a long way! And now features as part of the main event. ...

Love Cherish Adore
September 13, 2017
Love Cherish Adore
I recently got the opportunity to be a part of Adelaide’s Love Cherish Adore Bridal Fair at Plant 4 Bowden on the 10th of September. Amongst 50 other leading and boutique vendors I got the chance...

Melbourne Zoo
September 13, 2017
melbourne zoo gorilla cake
Odd requests for cake are more common than you think. But this particular request was on a different level. It started out innocently enough with just a hint of uniqueness. Cupcakes and a cake. Wh...

Macgyver of Culinary
September 13, 2017
cake drill
To quote the legendary Duff Goldman, “pastry chefs have to be the Macgyvers of culinary” Time and time again this has proven to be true. “but, it’s just cake?!” all too often I hear this as I ge...

A Beautiful mess
September 12, 2017
beautiful kitchen mess
When I bake, I like to imagine I’m somewhere else. Some Parisian or Japanese patisserie. Dancing around the kitchen adding a hint of this and a splash of that, like the Swedish chef from the Muppets ...

Eat Sleep Bake Repeat
September 12, 2017
eat sleep bake repeat
Somewhere in a dimly lit kitchen in the middle of the night sits a lone baker working his/her sugar craft. Hunched over a cold bench manipulating elements of the periodic table into whimsical edible ...

June 19, 2017
red gum paste rose
I must admit, I can’t resist a beautiful flower. As I go on my regular walk each evening, apart from stopping to pet every dog and cat I pass, I also can’t help but notice some of the beautiful ga...

Unicorns are here to stay
May 17, 2017
unicorn poster
Ever since I could remember there was only ever one thing I wanted…. Ok maybe 2 or 3 or 7 things, but growing up in the country, I was constantly asking my dad if I could have a pony. Ignorant to t...

Biscuit Love
May 4, 2017
love heart biscuits
I have been overrun with biscuits, or as they are known; sugar cookies. There seems to be a surge in iced and decorated cookies recently and I’m a fan! There is nothing like satisfying your 3pm munc...

What's Size got to do with it?
April 12, 2017
cake slice guide
Is bigger really better? herrhem… cough cough.. Well, with the new trends of sky high wedding cakes, it seems that the taller the cake, the closer to heavenly heights you will be. And of course you...

The Rush
March 14, 2017
silicone sugar former
Ahhh… I have a well-deserved week off from cake orders. As much as I love creating beautiful cakes and getting all (sugar) art and crafty, it’s nice to be able to recharge those batteries. So what...

On the tip of my tongue
March 9, 2017
cookies n creme cake
Flavour. It’s just one of those things that grips you right in your soul, brings back those childhood memories and you instantly turn into Homer Simpson. Those five little senses can either awake...

Love is in the Air
March 6, 2017
brig wood
This week has been all about weddings! Wedding cakes, tastings, quotes, designs, bookings, flowers and beautiful brides. Have I mentioned how much I love weddings? Everything from meeting the coup...

When it rains....
February 24, 2017
Sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, they always seem to happen in the most epic ways. Darn you Murphy and your laws! So of course it’s usually some ungodly hour of the wee morning that I’...

A crazy week
February 21, 2017
This past week has been incredibly busy for me. I’ve had the full launch of this site, numerous orders being finished and delivered, competitions being drawn up, home projects being worked on....the l...

I did a thing!
February 9, 2017
Like a homemade cake recipe handed down from generation to generation, there comes the inevitability that someone will ask for that recipe, including the story on how it became to be. This is my st...