The Break up
April 27, 2018
the break up
No, hubby and I are still lovingly yelling “what? I can’t hear you!” from different rooms in the house.
I’m talking about my sordid love affair with cake.

Now, I love life and with that comes the enjoyment of all things that make life great. Friends, Family, food (wine) and cake! And I have embraced the past festive season a little too much this year, and as much as I empower a woman’s glorious figure in all shapes and sizes, my shape is… out of shape and won’t be winning any teen beach beauty pageants anytime soon!

All things sweet, chocolate and cake related just gets me excited! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only gal out there to admit that. There is just something devilishly delicious about pondering over the dessert trolley or wondering down the food glorious food hall imagining myself making candy angels on the floor of the food court while chocolate fountains overflow around me. I’m pretty sure if I had a superpower it would be able to eat a mountain of sweets in one sitting.

Now, I’m all for advocating a healthy lifestyle and all things in moderation. Perhaps my cake serves need to be more of a “sample size” than “shovel it all into my face” size.
So with heavy heart and what feels like the start of what might become a raging 2 year old tantrum, I need to put the fork down and step away from the cake off cuts and delicious flavoured frostings and chocolate ganache and cream… and toppings….and buttercreams… STOP!!!

My very supportive partner offered to slap the bad foods out of my hand, but we agreed that could go horribly wrong… for him.

Recently I had told my father in-law about my decision to go nocake-atarian to which he was shocked “that sounds like an awful thing!”
It was in that moment, like a light bulb going off above my head, that I realized he was right!

That IS an awful thing.
I can’t turn my back on the things I love. Cake was there for me! in my darkest hours, my happy times, sad and in-between times (probably the reason why I have a high glycaemic index) and I’m not about to give up now!