Wedding Survival Guide Post COVID-19
May 20, 2020
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Most of us were looking forward to ringing in the New Year and genuinely enjoying the year we would get married. And then COVID-19 decided to make itself known around the globe and put life as we knew it on hold. If you’re feeling stressed and panicky about your wedding, you aren’t alone. However, we’re here to set the record straight and show you that the show must go on and you will be able to get married even in this post COVID-19 world!

Did COVID-19 ruin my wedding?
Despite the fear and anxiety you may be feeling, we’re happy to announce that you can still have a wedding in Adelaide! There are a few restrictions in place, of course, but you’ll find them pretty reasonable. Government notices ask that you limit your group to 10 people or less. This number doesn’t include staff to the officiant of the ceremony itself. As well, you will have space it out so that there is no more than 1 person every 4 square meters (not including the couple).
There can be no food or drink served at your wedding reception unless they bring their own (and do not share from person to person among the guests). All guest details should be recorded in case there is potential contact and spread of the coronavirus.
Lastly, limit staff and additional workers was much has possible, arrange for proper cleaning of everything at the ceremony as well as the venue, and provide hand sanitizer to everyone at the ceremony as an extra precaution.
While there are still some restrictions, getting married at a ceremony is still very much doable and as the restrictions start to lift, this will become even more-so!
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Must-have 2020 wedding trends
Now that we’ve got the needs taken care-of, let’s take a moment see just what 2020 trends are waiting for you in your Adelaide wedding.
• Go eco-friendly: From a zero-waste wedding to donating funds to eco-friendly charities, you can find all sorts of ways to make your wedding a little greener. What a great way to make your special day even better, too!

• Add some color to your hair: Instead of a veil, why not go for colorful stone-decorated hairbands or barrettes? You can still go with the classic white dress, just add a touch of color with enamel or real gemstones.

• Explore your wedding cake options: Your wedding cake is important to get right! Try trends such as edible floral decorating, painted butter cream or even sculpted buttercream accents. If you need some inspiration, get in touch with Lyons Den Cakes to see what options feel the best for you.

How to keep calm:
Whether its wedding cake fears or vow jitters, feeling anxious day-or is totally normal! Do what you can to feel calmer about it. Firstly, push your wedding cake fears to the side by choosing a professional establishment such as Lyons Den Cakes to take care of it down to the last detail. Secondly, take some time with your partner before the ceremony. Sure, it might be considered taboo, but it’s the best way to remind yourself that this relationship right in front of you, is what it’s all about. Talk about a centering, calming focus point!

It’s normal for you to feel some anxiety with your wedding and having a wedding post COVID-19 certainly doesn’t help matters. However, rest assured that 2020 can still be your wedding year. It means new trends, a few new adjustments to accommodate, and a whole lot of love!