Eat Sleep Bake Repeat
September 12, 2017
eat sleep bake repeat
Somewhere in a dimly lit kitchen in the middle of the night sits a lone baker working his/her sugar craft.
Hunched over a cold bench manipulating elements of the periodic table into whimsical edible figures.

It all sounds like the start of some horror film right?
And you know what? sometimes it feels like that, especially when things don’t quite go right.
And in the midst of a sugar catastrophe, you start to think; “that’s it, this is how it ends”

In reality, that dark construct of a story is really just me …. High on sugar or coffee or a combination of both still tweaking some little detail I should have finished hours before, but my ‘A’ type personality just won’t let me.

There are times when I pop my head up above the mist of powdered sugar and wonder what day or time it is, and how long have I been working on this darn flower?
It all becomes some cliché catch phrase on a t shirt; Eat, Bake Sleep, repeat
But as I have my third shower for the day, I ponder….. I wouldn’t have it any other way!