Macgyver of Culinary
September 13, 2017
cake drill
To quote the legendary Duff Goldman,
“pastry chefs have to be the Macgyvers of culinary”
Time and time again this has proven to be true.

“but, it’s just cake?!” all too often I hear this as I get asked to create a 3D sculpted, 7 tier cake hanging from the ceiling with lights and a ring of fire…..
…and then floor is lava and the room is on fire!

THIS is the moment to shine!
This is what I’ve been training for!
Within a split second, I find the nearest phone booth and change into my cape. My utensils by my side…. Wait! Where are my utensils?!

A flashback vision of them sitting on my kitchen bench runs through my mind. DOH!

I check my apron pockets. I have some floral wire, scissors, a paint brush, spare fondant and a post it note reminding me to pick up a light bulb.
Thinking on my feet, I’m able to construct the very item that I need to save the day.

Most of the time, it’s not that dramatic. And I just have a very over active imagination.
But there is stabilization, internal structures and cake engineering that need to be taken into consideration when creating some cakes.
Most of the time, my favourite tool can’t be found when I really need it and need to improvise.

It always amazes me watching the contestants on iron chef or cut throat kitchen and wonder… how are they ever going to get out of this one?

What’s your best Macgyver improvisation moment?