I did a thing!
February 9, 2017
Like a homemade cake recipe handed down from generation to generation, there comes the inevitability that someone will ask for that recipe, including the story on how it became to be.

This is my story and I hope to share with you my journey of Lyons Den Cakes, recipes, and all things cakalicious.

My go to, was always traditional spiced carrot cake. Not sure where the recipe actually came from, possibly acquired on one of my trips abroad, won in some sort of back alley gambling ring from a little old lady rumoured to be over a hundred. But I’ll get to that another time.

So this mystic recipe found its way into my possession where I used it to enter a cake competition. Which I won. Now, it could have had something to do with little old lady magic, but I’d like to think I actually did something right.

This is where I found myself at a fork in the road, except mine was paved in sugar and chocolate, and like a fat kid who loves cake, I ate, baked and adventured my way down this yellow brick road to a world of cake wonder!

So with this new found enthusiasm, a few cakes under my belt and a very supportive partner, I decided to build a new home based commercial kitchen. What a roller coaster that 8 months was! Slowly we traded our quaint little cottage kitchen for a newer version with commercial applications.

Not only has the kitchen expanded but with it, my love of creating beautiful cakes and pushing the boundaries on flavours. So now I can bake until the wee hours and all I can think about is spiced carrot cake.

Follow me on my journey of cake, flavour, exploration, what inspires me and all things I generally find Ah-Mah-Zing!