A crazy week
February 21, 2017
This past week has been incredibly busy for me. I’ve had the full launch of this site, numerous orders being finished and delivered, competitions being drawn up, home projects being worked on....the list is endless. However, I must admit I am extraordinarily excited by all the possibilities.
Fingers crossed all you amazing foodies and lovers of sparkly glorious cake will be able to find everything you need and more within this site, and if you can’t, let me know and I will whip my minions into a frenzy and get it sorted!!
With all the excitement, craziness and exhaustingly busy work going on right now, reminds me of one of the really pivotal experiences in my caking journey. The one I want to share with you is one of my first 3D cakes, which was also based on my affection for animated TV shows and movies. You have probably seen it in my Cakefolio (yes that’s a made up word, but it just....works!), the “How To Train Your Dragon” cake, complete with Hiccup and the greatest dragon of all! This design was commissioned for a lovely young lady’s birthday, which just happened to be my birthday as well, but it was Toothless and Hiccup! How could I say no? It ticked all of my geeky buttons (cake, animation, more cake), I was also a little scared as it really was my very first attempt at sculpting and airbrushing a cake over 3 foot long as well as figurines. But as with anything, you can only take one step at a time and try, so try I did! I won’t bore you with all the intricate little techniques I tried, adapted, discarded, or all the frustrations and curse words that floated from my kitchen, although I will tell you that nothing of value ever comes easy, so this cake was absolutely priceless!