Love is in the Air
March 6, 2017
brig wood
This week has been all about weddings!
Wedding cakes, tastings, quotes, designs, bookings, flowers and beautiful brides.

Have I mentioned how much I love weddings? Everything from meeting the couples, hearing their stories to the dress, stationary, flowers and of course, the cake. I love the whole process!

There is something magical about the bond made stronger when two people make a commitment to each other.
Not only did I get the honor to be a part of one of my closest friend’s weddings but I was given some creative licence to create their cake using only the theme as a hint.
Rustic Country.
I struggled with the prospect of wanting to make something so amazing, that I got the equivalent of writers block and struggled with the endless options for weeks.
In the end, like any good love story, it all came together.
The whole point of a wedding cake is, of course, to eat it and enjoy the sugary sweetness. But also create something so gorgeous, that it seems like a crime to cut into them. Luckily, we have photos to preserve their beauty long after the last slice.

Wedding cake trends come and go, and at the moment metallic, naked cakes and soft pastels are all the rage and I love conceptualizing an idea into a design and then into desert.

They say that life is made up of moments and memories relived through stories.
It’s not how many breaths we take but how many moments that take our breath away.

Love x