The Rush
March 14, 2017
silicone sugar former
Ahhh… I have a well-deserved week off from cake orders.
As much as I love creating beautiful cakes and getting all (sugar) art and crafty, it’s nice to be able to recharge those batteries.

So what else do I do in my spare time? What else, I cake.

I read about cakes, I look at pictures of cakes, I see what my colleagues have been up to and get inspired by new techniques and tools. I restock, and look around at updating and buying new equipment.

This is kinda dangerous…. I have been known to, go overboard sometimes.
Ok, most of the time.
I start off fairly innocently, by reading about new cake trends and then before I know it, I’m in a buying frenzy adding my 15th fondant smoother to my online cart!
Just like a celery stick being cracked under my nose after a sugar high, I come to my senses and realise that I really don’t need another star tipped nozzle. (Or do I?)

Days and sometimes weeks will pass with anticipation while I wait for my new goodies to arrive. I swear the postman rides the wave of elation and disappointment with me each time.
Ripping open each package as if my life depended on it and squealing with glee when my much needed fondant smoother arrives, holding it close to my chest like a long lost friend.
Envision slowly skipping through fields of flowers type of thing.

I’ve convinced myself that this IS the next best thing and will continue to use it forever and eva!
Satisfied with my cake tool buying binge, I settle back onto my comfy sofa, coffee in hand and continue reading the science of sugar…..

Wait, you can buy silicone sugar formers?!?...